Bloom Calendar Poster

Learn about flowers and the timing of their blooms via our beautiful Bloom Calendars. Like our other planting guides, this poster is both educational and beautiful, well suited to your back entry, your kitchen, your garden shed, your bathroom—anywhere you want a dazzling blast of floral beauty and have the chance to ponder it a bit. It showcases the arc of the season's floral occasions, from the first snowdrops and crocuses to the final asters and calendulas. A table at the bottom of the calendar is a sort of periodic table for flowers, with a code that indicates the bloom times and habits of all the characters in the show. Available as both a large-scale 18"x24" poster (for best legibility) and an 11"x14" smaller version (for smaller spaces—still very much readable, just with smaller fonts).

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Artist Kevin Jay Stanton built this exquisite and colorful guide using what he calls a "digital cut-paper" technique. He developed his own new method for translating each of the flowers into a flatter, more iconic version of themselves that is still recognizable. Kevin is a freelance illustrator with a green thumb and an obsession with symbolism, and he finds inspiration everywhere he looks.

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