Add color, beauty, and habitat to your own yard or to any corner of the world—all it takes is a shake of the wrist.

Each of our wildflower mix boxes covers a 100 square-foot area, and each is a unique blend optimized for different purposes:

Bee Friendly Mix provides habitat and food for bees and other pollinators;
• Bird Lovers Mix yields seeds that feed wild birds;
• Shady Meadow Mix consists of shade-tolerant varieties that add color to shady areas; and
• Colorscape Mix is composed primarily of annuals that flower in the first year—so a good choice for mid- to late-spring sowings.

All blends besides Colorscape are composed primarily of perennials (plants that come back every year); fall, winter, and early spring are the ideal times for planting these blends, as many perennial seeds benefit from chilly temperatures to aid germination.

Shake That Meadow Maker

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Bee Friendly Wildflower Mix Seed Shaker


Bird Lover's Wildflower Mix Seed Shaker


Colorscape Wildflower Mix Seed Shaker


Shady Meadow Wildflower Mix Seed Shaker