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Four Fold Farm—named in honor of the shape of our Art Packs—is the beating heart of the Hudson Valley Seed Company. The farm is where we grow Certified Organic open-pollinated seeds, including many fascinating heirlooms that are at risk of falling out of circulation. Open-pollinated varieties allow us (and you!) to join a long line of seed savers who preserve and pass down seeds from one generation to the next, telling seed stories along the way. In addition to seeds, Four Fold Farm produces heirloom shallots and other alliums, sunchokes, and a diverse collection of dahlia tubers. Part of our stewardship mission is to improve the resilience of our landscape and food systems by trialing diverse seeds and bulbs each season, offering only the very best of these in our catalog. We also sometimes collaborate with independent and university-led breeding programs, in addition to trialing and innovating seed-saving methods. One of the perks of farm life is getting to taste amazing new flavors each season, and sharing our abundant harvests with coworkers and local food pantries. Our farm keeps us grounded, in touch with the daily joys and challenges of growing. In summer, we invite office staff to tour our trials, pick dahlias, or enjoy an afternoon lunch break on the farm. In winter, you’ll find the farm crew keeping warm inside while packing seed, fulfilling orders, and helping us through the busy season. We hope to open the farm to the public soon, so that you, too, can immerse yourself in this wondrous landscape of seeds and seed stories.

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