Our Farm

Four Fold Farm—named in honor of the shape of our Art Packs—is the beating heart of the Hudson Valley Seed Company. It allows us to steward amazing heirlooms that have fallen out of circulation, and offer Certified Organic seed for hard-to-find varieties. It also allows us to trial a wild profusion of new varieties each year, selecting the cream of the crop for our new offerings. The farm keeps our team connected to the mission and to each other. On lovely summer afternoons you can find members of the office eating lunch out on the farm, exploring the catalog brought to life in vivid color. In the dead of winter you’ll find the farm crew keeping warm inside, working to pack seed, fulfill orders, and push us through the busy season. In a very real way, the farm keeps us grounded, in touch with the daily joys and challenges of growing. Being rooted in agriculture helps strengthen our partnerships with amazing, dedicated seed farmers around the country, and helps us better serve you year round.