Our Team

Our Team

We are a small company of dedicated plant and art lovers. Just as a seed is the composite product of many forces—the soil, the sun, the rain, their specific pollinators—the Hudson Valley Seed Company thrives because our team combines the efforts of an array of important tasks. Explore this page to learn about who we are, what we do, and what we love!

K Greene

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Doug Muller

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Brett Herman

Operations Manager

Cara Sue Stewart

Order Fulfillment / Shipping Manager

Marybeth Wehrung

Seasonal Production Associate / Dahlia Specialist

Keith Garrett

Lead Production Associate / Machine Specialist

Sandi Foster

Art Pack Producer /  QC Specialist

Carrie Schapker

Team Support Specialist

Jake Offermann


Steven Crist

Farm Manager

Kenny Nakagawa

Shumei Farm Associate

Katie Wong

Assistant Farm Manager / Trials Manager

Keith Werwa

Production Associate

Jen Kelly

Seed Art Management Associate

Isabel Vinton

Data Analyst / Strategy Director

TK David

Content Writer

Crimson Krier-Glading

Customer Service & Wholesale Specialist

Jake Farrell

Lead Order Fulfillment / Shipping Associate


Brendan Casey

Sales and Customer Service Representative 

Mary Lee

Product Data Coordinator

Fennel Skellyman

Order Fulfillment / Shipping Associate

Tiffany Smith 

Production Associate / Wholesale Production Specialist

Catherine Kaczor

Sales and Marketing Manager

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