Our Next Phase

Updated June 25, 2020

We have big news: we're moving!

For the past twelve years we have been a homestead-based business, set on our own small farm on a once-dilapidated, now cleaned-up old resort property in the Catskills (for history buffs: Cold Spring Resort, which then morphed into a camp for Ukrainian-American youth called Camp Odum). The business has been an engine of change for this property, providing us the revenue needed to build a farm and greenhouse and to fix up several buildings. We are very grateful to our customers for making this journey possible. Thank you.

The business has now grown beyond the carrying capacity of this spot. Every corner of our physical space is filled with products, desks, people, or art. On busy winter days, there are over fifteen cars parked in our small driveway. Delivery vehicles show up and have to strategize ways to navigate their way into our busy port. And every day we get calls from customers asking to visit or pick up their orders, and despite our impulses toward friendliness and openness, we have had to discourage drop-ins because we are not set up to host visitors.

In December of 2019 we learned that we were awarded a grant from Market New York to help defray the cost of building a new headquarters—with a gallery! and demo gardens! and a retail shop! We are really excited to launch this new adventure. But COVID disrupted our intended timeline, so we needed to find a new home for the two to three years that it will take to build and move into our new HQ. We have been very fortunate to have found a new space in our town that meets all of our needs: it has more square footage, is located on an easily-accessible state highway, has ample parking, and is still within a five-minute drive of our production fields, which now comprise three different farm locations within Accord. For our business, the month from mid-June to mid-July traditionally brings our lowest sales volume of the year, so we're taking advantage of this lull to relocate.

We will be saying goodbye to our old space and hello to our new one over the course of about two weeks, from June 25th through July 9th. Here is how this timeline will impact our customers:

  • We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will *not* be shipping any orders the week of June 29th.
  • Any orders placed after 12pm EDT on June 25th will be held for shipping until we are fully set up in our new space, which will likely be sometime between July 8th and 13th.
  • In addition to shipping, our customer service and sales work will be disrupted during this window. We will do our best to get back online as soon as possible.
  • Once we are set up in the new space, we will quickly move to resolve the many out-of-stock issues that have built up on our site over the past few months due to COVID-related increased demand.
  • Our Fall Catalog of Seed Garlic and Shallots, Flower Bulbs, Seeds for Late Summer and Fall Sowing, and Cover Crops will launch around July 15th. Check back then for a wide-ranging selection of products to keep you happily gardening straight into winter.

Need seeds right now? We recommend checking out our friends at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

Thank you again for your support over the past twelve years. We are excited to serve you better from our new home, and we will soon be sharing information on our expanded in-store/curbside pickup options.