Sales Policy

Our seeds are guaranteed to germinate at or above federal germination minimums when given the proper moisture, temperature, and light conditions required for the variety. If you believe that you supplied the correct germination environment and did not receive suitable germination (as indicated on the upper-right hand corner of the packet), please contact us so we can address the problem. Our liability is limited to the cost of sale of the packet of seed--not the value of a harvestable crop.

Forms of Payment Accepted

Our website accepts credit cards and Hudson Valley Currents. Click here for our return policy.

Tax Policy

All items in our catalog are taxable. Sales tax applies to all deliveries made within New York State. State law requires us to charge the tax rate applicable in the jurisdiction to which the delivery is sent. When checking out, please select your appropriate jurisdiction; tax will be determined for you automatically. No sales tax applies to orders shipped outside of New York State.