2016 Member Trials Evaluations

Grow, Trial, Learn, and Save!

Thank you for joining the Hudson Valley Seed Library Membership Program this season!

This year's community program is focused on variety trials. As a member, you received your choice of at least one category Member Trials Packs. If you have planted, observed, harvested and enjoyed your varieties, now is the time to submit your feedback. We will use the data we collect from your feedback to help us decide which varieties to add to our 2017 catalog.

To submit your feedback, simply fill out the form below. Begin with the portion about your growing space, then fill out only the portions for the category or categories you grew this season. Each category is on it's own page, so simply scroll through until you find the relevant ones. Please only submit one form per membership.

We hope you enjoyed this year's program, and look forward to seeing and sharing your results!

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