Angelique Canna

Perfect for containers.

Blooms summer - fall

Semi-dwarf, cheerful variety with pale yellow blooms speckled with salmon-orange and vibrant, bright green broad foliage. A great choice to bring tropical flair to containers or borders! 

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Cannas are heat loving plants, and should not be planted out until all danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed to at least 65 degrees F. Dig a hole in fertile soil with a good amount of organic matter and plant your rhizome with the pointy growing tips (eyes) facing upward; cover with 4" of soil. Water in well at planting, then wait for shoots to appear (which may take up to 2 weeks!) to resume watering consistently. If provided with consistent water, good fertility, and deadheaded regularly, Cannas will thrive, grow strong and tall without requiring staking, and bloom until frost.
To retain the rhizomes for future years in zones 7 and below, after frost, cut the stalks down at about 4" above the soil line and carfully dig and lift the root ball. Rinse well and allow the rizomes to dry and cure for a couple of days. Store them over winter in plastic with ventilation or lightly damp peat moss, coco coir, or burlap in a cool (45-50 F), dark place, checking periodically for overdrying, mold or rot. In the spring, large tuber clumps can be divided by gently teasing and breaking them apart, and then replanting.

Bloom Season Summer - Fall
Planting Depth 4"
Bulb spacing 12-18"
Bulbs per Square Foot 1
Height at Maturity 32"
Sun Preference Full Sun
Hardiness Zone Range 8-10

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