Cherokee Purple Tomato Seedlings

Certified Organic

Solanum lycopersicum

Let this opal, smoky tomato be the breakout star of your garden.

Now a much loved heirloom tomato, Cherokee Purple was once a little known, unnamed variety. In 1990, Craig LeHoullier, a Seed Saver's Exchange member and tomato connoisseur, received a small package of tomato seeds and a note from John Green of Tennessee. In his note John explained this variety had been given to him by his neighbors, who had received seeds from members of the Cherokee tribe 100 years prior. Craig grew it, savoring the flavor and the unique deep purple color. He thought it was worth sharing so he approached Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and Johnny's Select Seeds about making it commercially available under the name Cherokee Purple–and an heirloom star was born!

If you're looking for that beautiful embodiment of an "heirloom tomato," look no further–Cherokee Purple is your dream tomato. A reddish fruit with stunning dark-colored shoulder-top striations or marbling, the Cherokee Purple also boasts legendary taste and heavy production. It's happily indeterminate and will give you tasty, massive fruit all summer long.


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Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost in a warm spot with ample light (supplemental light usually required). Transplant outdoors once frost has passed. Staking required. Prune tomatoes when they reach about 24" high.

Days to Maturity 80 days from transplant
Planting Depth ½"
Spacing in Row 24"
Spacing Between Rows 36"
Height at Maturity 60"
Sun Preference Full Sun

Illustration by Bobbi Angell. Bobbi is a botanical illustrator who has worked for the New York Botanical Garden and the New York Times. To match the tones of this heirloom tomato, she used copper plate etching, which she hand tinted with watercolors. 

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