Colorscape Wildflower Mix Seed Shaker

Gardeners aren't just growers; they're artists, painting landscapes in three-dimensions with an infinite color palette of brightly-hued blooms. With this Seed Shaker, art has never been easier. Just shake and sow! Each box plants a 100 square-foot flower meadow.

Can contain the following 13 annual flower varieties:
"Black-Eyed Susan" ~Rudbeckia hirta~,
"California Poppy" ~Eschscholzia californica~,
"Candytuft" ~Iberis amara~,
"Chinese Forget-Me-Not" ~Cynoglossum amabile~,
"Classic Zinnia" ~Zinnia Linearis~,
"Deep Carmine Baby's Breath" ~Gypsophila elegans, carmine~,
"French Marigold" ~Tagetes patula~,
"Lilac Godetia",
"Love in a Mist" ~Nigella damascena~,
"Persian Carpet Zinnia" ~Zinnia haageana~,
"Pixie Delight Lupine" ~Lupinus hartwegii nanus~,
"Red Corn Poppy" ~Papaver rhoeas~,
"Sweet Alyssum" ~Lobularia maritima~. 

Artwork by Cynthia Cliff.

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Sow your wildflower patch in early to mid-spring. Prepare the soil as you would for any bed. Clean out the weeds. Aerate with a garden fork if compact, then rake flat. Lift open the spout of your Seed Shaker and spread the seeds out evenly over an area no bigger than 100 square feet. Then press seeds into the soil by walking over the planted area (with flat-soled shoes!) or using a board to pat them down. If the soil is dry, water the seeds in. In fall, soils are usually moist enough without. 

Continue watering in spring for a few weeks; again, fall sowings usually don't need it. Weed fastidiously until plants reach 12-18" in height. Be patient; the perennial blooms will get better every year!

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