Tokiwa Cucumber

Certified Organic Seed

Cucumis sativus

Firm and sweet cucumbers with good uniformity.

AKA Tokyo Green Cucumber. This old Japanese variety produces an abundance of very uniform, dark green cucumbers with excellent flavor. The long, slender fruits have tender skin and a sweet, refreshing taste. Unlikely to develop bitterness, even in high temps! The recommended picking size is 1.5" in diameter and 10" or less in length. Harvest often to maintain production and provide trellising.

This variety is part of our Shumei Natural Agriculture Collection. Its growers are part of the global Shumei community and farm using Natural Agriculture practices. They shared seeds with us, which were then grown by our Shumei farmer-in-residence, Kenny Nakagawa. 

This lot was produced and processed in the Hudson Valley of New York State on our own certified organic seed farm, Four Fold Farm.

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Start indoors 3 weeks before last frost and transplant to indicated spacing after threat of frost has passed; or direct sow seeds spaced 4 inches apart as soon after last frost, then thin to indicated spacing once seedlings put on their first true leaves. Plant in moderately fertile soil and water regularly. Can be trellised if space is tight or allowed to grow on the ground. Harvest when cukes are green and white and skin begins to turn smooth, but before they are shiny and yellow. Fruits are tender, sweet, and tasty fresh-slicing cukes at up to 8". Sow again in early summer for fall harvest.

Days to Germination 3-10
Days to Maturity 60
Planting Depth 1/2"
Spacing in Row 18"
Spacing Between Rows 36"
Height at Maturity 12"
Width at Maturity 72"
Sun Preference Full Sun

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