Organic Microgreens: Radish

Certified Organic

Raphanus sativus

Robust, thickly-textured microgreens with a crunchy mouth-feel and great flavor.

The biggest, most succulent of all the microgreens, radishes share their juicy, toothsome cotyledons abundantly. Probably the best microgreen for using in cooked form, radish microgreens also excel as a crunchy garnish. One ounce of seed will grow 10-20 batches in our windowsill microgreens trays.
This variety is suitable for growing as a microgreen. 🌱


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Microgreens are easy to grow. Prepare a shallow tray with moist coir or potting soil, then sprinkle seeds on the surface thickly. Cover lightly with more coir or potting soil. Keep moist and let grow for 10-20 days in a sunny location. Harvest with scissors once the sprouts are open and full looking. Then clean out the tray, replace the soil, and start another batch!

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