Cupani's Original Sweet Pea

Certified Organic

Lathyrus odoratus

A richly fragrant heirloom in gem tone hues.

These deep maroon and violet bi-colored blooms fill the air with intoxicating fragrance. Rumored to be one of the oldest cultivated heirloom sweet pea varieties–and one of the most heat tolerant. Here in the Northeast sweet peas can be tricky, but Cupani's Original has always performed well in our trials, living up to its reputation. These tall, climbing vines prefer rich, relatively moist soil and full to part sun; deadhead for continuous blooms.  

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Sow seeds outdoors early, as soon as the soil can be worked. Sweet peas only thrive in cool months, don't delay when planting them. Prepare garden bed with plenty of compost or manure. Provide sweet peas with good support, they will grow as high as 8' if given proper support, water and fertility. Harvest flowers often to encourage more blooms. If given a good start, sweet peas will keep blooming into the summer months.

Days to Germination 12-28
Days to Maturity 80
Planting Depth 1"
Spacing in Row 4"
Spacing Between Rows 36"
Height at Maturity 84"
Width at Maturity 12"
Sun Preference Full Sun

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