Elephant Garlic

Certified Organic Seed

Allium ampeloprasum

Mild flavor, giant bulbs!

Grown at the Hudson Valley Seed Co., Elephant Garlic is related to garlic, but is actually a different species; it is more closely related to leeks. Milder in flavor than regular garlic, it is delicious roasted and used as a spread, or added to sautéed dishes. An added benefit are the giant scapes, which are a highly prized, gourmet treat. 

Elephant Garlic can be stored for up to 10 months if well-cured and handled after harvest. Garlic is sold in pound quantities. The 0.5 lb size will contain 5-10 cloves, and 1 lb will contain 10-20 cloves.

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1/2 Pound $9.95 Ships beginning Sep 22, 2020.
1 Pound $19.95 Ships beginning Sep 22, 2020.

Plant in fall and harvest, cure and tend to Elephant Garlic just as you would any garlic. See our Guide to Growing Garlic for more info. 

Promptly harvesting the garlic scapes, which form about 4 weeks before the bulbs are ready to harvest, encourages the enlargement of the bulb. When harvesting Elephant Garlic, you may notice that small corms have formed in the ground on the outside of the main bulb. These corms can be saved and replanted, but will need to be grown for two seasons before they produce a mature bulb.

Planting Depth 2 inches
Spacing in Row 6 inches
Spacing Between Rows 12 inches
Height at Maturity 18 inches
Width at Maturity 12 inches
Sun Preference Full Sun

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