Mammoth Magenta Celosia

Certified Organic

Celosia argentea var. cristata

Deep pink crested celosia with green and orange foliage.

John Gill has been farming in Hurley, New York, for decades, and for many years his farm, now the home of the Hudson Valley Farm Hub has been delighting guests with this unique celosia. Grown from seed that was conveyed to him by relatives who brought it back from Mexico, this variety is very tall up to 6' in height and is plumed with bright magenta, chenille-like, crested inflorescences that are so vivid they appear to glow, especially at dusk. The central blooms become many-layered magenta universes that harbor insect life, and the smaller blooms on side shoots make wonderful cut flowers.


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Start indoors and transplant when seedlings are about 4" high. Transplant at farther spacing for tall, sturdy plants, or closer together for thinner stems and smaller flowers. Reaches over 5' high.

Days to Germination 5-7 days
Days to Maturity 100 days
Planting Depth ½"
Spacing in Row 12-18"
Spacing Between Rows 18"
Height at Maturity 60"
Width at Maturity 18"

Artwork by Denise Seavey. The fabric-like texture of the celosia is perfectly captured by this raw-edged applique panel, which is held together by free-motion quilting. Denise makes art quilts, including works that have added healing beauty to hospitals and clinics.

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