Mid-Weight Dewitt Row Cover Cut to Length - 10 Foot Width

Fend off pests and frost with this essential organic gardening supply.

Enter desired length in feet in the quantity field! One unit equals one foot.

Row cover protects your crops against some of the biggest threats to your garden bounty: it is a physical, spun polyester material that allows light, air, and moisture to permeate easily but keeps out frustrating pests and frost. Use it to ward off flea beetles and cucumber beetles; most organic growers can't produce eggplant or spring mustards without it. It can be draped—or floated—over brassica and cucurbit crops but must be supported with hoops over eggplant. It provides frost protection down to about 28 degrees if hoops are used to ensure that foliage is not touching the fabric. 85% light transmission. 

This is our ten-foot-wide material. Please enter a quantity in the number of feet you'd like us to cut for you. You should order enough to cover the length of your row plus two times the height of your hoops (if using) plus about 3 extra feet for securing the ends.

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