Misato Rose Fall Radish

Certified Organic

Raphanus sativus

This 'watermelon' type radish has sweet, crisp, pale flesh.

This 'watermelon' type radish has a round shape and sweet, crisp, pale flesh. Some roots are white, others green, and few are magenta! The greens are more tender and tasty than other storage radishes, making it a great two-fer crop for the fall garden.
This variety is suitable for growing as a microgreen. 🌱

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In late summer, direct sow in rows spaced 10" apart. Thin
small radish seedlings to 2-4" apart. Keep watered. Harvest
as soon as they are round. Store without the top to keep
roots firm. Plant in successions to have a steady crop.

Days to Germination 3 to 10 days
Days to Maturity 55 days
Planting Depth 1/2 inch
Spacing in Row 4 to 6 inches
Spacing Between Rows 12 inches
Height at Maturity 8 inches
Width at Maturity 3 inches
Sun Preference Full Sun

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