Music Hardneck Garlic

Certified Organic Seed

Allium sativum

Porcelain variety of garlic.

Garlic begins shipping in mid-September

Music is a Porcelain variety of garlic, prized for its ease of use: huge cloves with incredible easy to peel wrappers. They're also perfect for growing in the Northeast climate since the large size of the cloves overwinters and provides enough energy to get young garlic plants a good start in the spring.

The flavor is great, medium spiciness perfect for both raw and cooked dishes. With 4-6 plump cloves per head, heads range from white to white with a purple blush. Stores well, up to 6 months if handled properly after harvest.

Grown at Skymeadow Farm, a Certified Organic farm in Cherry Valley, NY.

Garlic is sold in pound quantities. There are typically 25-40 cloves per pound; each clove successfully grown will produce a full bulb the following year.

from $23.95

1 Pound $23.95 Ships beginning Sep 14, 2020.
2 Pounds $42.95 Ships beginning Sep 14, 2020.
5 Pounds $94.95 Ships beginning Sep 14, 2020.

Plant in fall. See our Guide to Growing Garlic for more instructions.

Planting Depth Top of clove should be about 1" below the soil surface.
Spacing in Row 4-6"
Spacing Between Rows 12"
Height at Maturity 24-30"
Width at Maturity 12"
Sun Preference Full Sun

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