Northeast Native Wildflower Seed Mix

Species various

Scatter these seeds wherever you want beauty.

An HVSC formulated rotating mix of annual and perennial species, such as

Partridge Pea ~Chamaecrista fasciculata~Evening Primrose" ~Oenothera biennis~, "Penstemon" ~Penstemon digitalis~, "Echinacea" ~Echinacea~, "Coreopsis" ~Coreopsis~, "Indian Blanket" ~Gaillardia pulchella~, "Showy Tick Trefoil" ~Desmodium canadense~, "Wild Bergamot" ~Monarda fistulosa~, Rudbeckia, Ohio Spiderwort, "Rigid Goldenrod" ~Solidago rigida~, "Gray Goldenrod" ~Solidago nemoralis~, "Gayfeather" ~Liatris spicata~, "Golden Alexander" ~Zizia aurea~, "Eastern Columbine" ~Aquilegia canadensis~, "New England Aster" ~Symphyotrichum novae-angliae~, "Smooth Aster" ~Symphyotrichum laeve~, "Wild Blue Indigo" ~Baptisia australis~, and "Spotted Joe Pye Weed" ~Eutrochium maculatum~.

Final mix may be subject to some change based on seed availability, but the guiding principal of beautiful, native flowers will remain the same.

500 seeds sows 25-30 square feet; 1 ounce sows 80-100 square feet; 4 ounces sows 300-500 square feet; and 1 pound sows 1200-2000 square feet.

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In fall or early spring, broadcast into a prepared area (not lawn or hard ground; clear and loosen soil first). Do no just walk away from plot and assume nature will work wonders: one or two weedings will be required. But after that, behold: beautiful native flowers!

Days to Germination varies
Days to Maturity varies
Planting Depth ½ inch
Spacing in Row varies
Spacing Between Rows varies
Height at Maturity varies
Width at Maturity varies
Sun Preference Full to Partial Sun

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