Rock Iris reticulata 'Painted Lady'

Striking pale blooms streaked in violet.

Blooms early spring

The peak of sophistication, this rare and unusual rock iris produces angular, 4” blossoms with white petals and falls. The falls are narrowly-shaped, speckled with deep blue, and lightly-streaked in blue-violet and gold. Simply breathtaking! Plant along walkways, low borders, and rock gardens. Grows to just 4” tall and blooms in early spring. These bulbs are also easy to force for indoor winter cheer (see our tips under growing instructions). Naturalizes readily. Deer-resistant.

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Rock iris thrive in nutrient-rich, well-draining, neutral soil, but as the name implies, they will survive even in poor, rocky soils. They naturalize readily if happy where they are planted, and do best in full sun to partial shade. Should be planted 4" deep in fall, and watered in well after planting. Rock Iris are also, very easy to force for winter color! To force these bulbs, plant them about 1" deep in a small, shallow container with lots of grit and a hole for drainage. Water at planting, and then chill the container for about 6-8 weeks (a refrigerator, unheated garage, or basement can work well for this - anywhere that will be cool, but not freezing. 40 degrees is ideal), before bringing the pot back into the warmth and light.

Bloom Season Early Spring
Planting Depth 4"
Bulb spacing 4-5" apart
Bulbs per Square Foot 9
Height at Maturity 4"
Sun Preference Full to Partial Sun
Hardiness Zone Range 5-9
Naturalizes? Yes

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