Sugar Baby Watermelon Seedlings

Certified Organic

Citrullus lanatus

Oh Baby! Compact & sweetly mouthwatering.

Sugar Baby" is right -- this compact watermelon is sweetly mouthwatering. The high-producing plants make small, bowling-ball-like fruit bursting with sweet flavor. What's good about the size (and likeness to sporting equipment) is that this variety will not have to fight for space in your icebox or your garden, unlike other larger varieties. Picnic-perfect, small-space-taker, big flavor: Sugar Baby has it all. Oh baby! Mouthwateringly sweet.


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Single seedling in 4" pot $4.69 Sold out for 2024 preorders.

Direct sow 2 weeks after threat of frost has passed, or start indoors 1-2 weeks before last frost. Plant in full sun, and mulch in between the plants if possible. Watermelons enjoy hot temperatures and need only moderate water to set fruit. In fact, fruit are sweetest in dry seasons. These melons have a thin rind and are susceptible to cracking when ripe - so, when they reach the size of a soccer ball, check them often for peak ripeness.

Days to Germination 5 to 10 days
Days to Maturity 85 days
Planting Depth 1 inch
Spacing in Row 3 to 5 feet
Spacing Between Rows 5 to 8 feet
Height at Maturity 12 to 24 inches
Width at Maturity 4 to 5 feet
Sun Preference Full Sun

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