White Fuseau Sunchoke

Certified Organic Seed

Helianthus tuberosus

Richly-flavored blond tuber.

Sunchokes, also called Jerusalem Artichokes, are actually a species of sunflower cultivated for their delicious tubers. Originally an American species, they were cultivated by Native Americans long before being introduced in Europe, and their high inulin content made them a traditional remedy for diabetes. The tubers resemble ginger and they have a sweet, nutty flavor with a hint of—that's right—artichoke. When sliced thin, they make a great addition to salads. More commonly, they are used like potatoes and steamed or roasted—or cooked pretty much however you choose! Like other sunflowers, they produce tall plants with cheerful yellow flowers.

White Fuseau is a highly-productive variety with a sweet flavor, thin skin, and round blond tubers that are easy to clean. 

Sunchokes ship from mid-April through early May, depending on your location. See below for more shipping details. 

Does not ship internationally. 


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In early spring, plant tubers in fertile, well-draining soil 4" deep and 12-18" apart. Take care not to let tubers dry out before planting. If planting right away is not possible, store tubers in a cool place. Midsummer, you may choose to cut the bright yellow flowers for indoor arrangements and to divert more energy to the growth of tubers. Begin harvesting in late summer. You can continue to harvest until the ground freezes; after a few frosts, they'll get even sweeter! Any remaining in the soil can overwinter until spring. Harvest with a digging fork, feeling for tubers with your fingers. They may be up to 1' deep in the soil. Rinse tubers and pat dry before storing them in a refrigerator or cool root cellar. They will keep in the fridge for a couple of months.

Days to Maturity 90
Planting Depth 4"
Spacing in Row 12-18"
Spacing Between Rows 18-36"
Height at Maturity 8-10'
Width at Maturity 36"
Sun Preference Full Sun

Sunchoke tubers are harvested and shipped as soon as the ground thaws. This is usually around early April. If you purchase seeds and sunchokes at the same time anytime from January until the ship date for your region, you will receive two shipments—a prompt shipment of seeds and a later shipment of tubers—and the shipping fees shown at checkout will take this second delivery into account. Sunchokes do not ship internationally.

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