Sneak Peek! 6 New Varieties From Our 2019 Seed Catalog.

by Isabel Vinton

We've been working hard on our 2019 Seed Catalog, which includes many new organic and open-pollinated varieties we're thrilled to be adding to our seed collection! Today we're sharing a sneak peek of just 6 of our new varieties. All of these and many more will be available in our 2019 catalog (you can request a paper copy here), which we launch online on January 2nd.

Now, drum roll please.... here are the 6 new varieties!

1. Pink Moon Poppy. This poppy was a happy accident! Attempting to grow out Blue Moon Poppy, our farm team discovered that the blooms were actually splendid, massive, pink and white ephemeral beauties. There had been a seed mix-up on our supplier's side! The variety we were given appears to be unnamed, so we named it in honor of the mix-up, and after one of our favorite Nick Drake songs. One of the largest and sturdiest poppies we've ever seen! Makes quite a statement, particularly en masse.

2. Doubled Red Sweetcorn. One of the most beautiful corns we've ever seen! Deep red kernels, husk, foliage, cob, and silk. The dark kernels are naturally high in anthocyanins, antioxidants linked to dark red, purple and blue pigments. Delicious fresh, but can also be dried for cornmeal and flour. 1-2 ears per plant. Bred by the brilliant Dr. Alan Kapuler of Peace Seeds.

3. Apricot Zebra Tomato. This cute tomato has appealing tangerine colored skin, slight green shoulders, and attractive green striping which fades as the fruits mature. A favorite in our 2018 trials! Plants showed excellent disease resistance, and set tons of slightly oblong, golf ball size fruit. Fruits are juicy and dense with notes of papaya-esque tropical fruity flavor.

4. Magnolia Blossom Snap Pea. One of Dr. Alan Kapuler's superb snap peas. Green, very sweet snap peas have excellent flavor and crunch, and the plants produce loads of edible hyper-tendrils as well! A staff favorite in our 2018 trials. Grows to be about 8' tall, and shows good cold-hardiness. The beautiful, bi-color blooms are very attractive.

5. Ho Chi Minh Pepper. These 4-5" long cayenne peppers ripen to an intriguing shade of golden yellow. This pepper was gifted to a Minnesota farmer in the 1980s by Vietnamese boat people, refugees who fled Vietnam following the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. Beware, this pepper is very hot - 30,000 scoville units.

6. Double Take Barlow Columbine. From the Barlow line of columbines, named after Nora Barlow, daughter of Charles Darwin. Also known as a clematis-flowered columbine, these breath-taking blooms are many-layered with ombre, pink and white petals that are almost dahlia-like in appearance. Its sturdy, straight stems and its beauty make this columbine a favorite of cut-flower growers.

All of these varieties and more will be available in our 2019 Seed Catalog which will arrive in mailboxes from early January.

Request your 2019 Seed Catalog here.