A Slew of Sneak Peeks

by Ken Greene

More Snippets

Here's a stitched together crazy quilt from pieces of pics of five of the new packs to peak your interest in the new art and seeds.

A mishmash of pack art. A mishmash of pack art.

Artists are:

Top Flap: April Warren is a painter and a printmaker from New Paltz, NY.Her artwork treads the line between realism and abstraction and examines the role of the individual in a variety of environments, both physical and psychological.

Right Flap: Edward Coppola's painted collages incorporate found images and natural objects. He addresses connections between outer and inner space, finding beauty and humor in the unity of physical and metaphysical realms.

Bottom Flap: Lynne Bittner makes her living as an illustrator with her husband Richie Bittner. Combining her hand drawn illustrations with his digital wizardry, they have created Wildflower Graphics in Greenwich, NY.

Left Flap: Ustya Tarnawsky’s art respects and honors the vibrant wild plants that grow among us.  She works with plants often cast aside as 'weeds' to help others with health imbalances and diseases.

Center Top: Susan Siegel’s paintings are inspired by the grand tradition of 18th Century Rococo portraiture. Playing with the conventions of formal portraiture, her fantastical human-animal hybrids wander a dreamy and pastoral world.

Center Bottom: Ryan Cronin resides in the countryside outside of NYC. He enjoys his neighbor’s weekend home delivery of the New York Times and he loves to paint.