Art Packs: New and Improved

by Erin Enouen

At the Seed Library, we are constantly finding ways to make growing gardens with seeds easier; after all, that's what we are all about. This year, in addition to debuting 23 new art packs to the collection, each of our 61 art pack varieties has become a treasure of art and inspirational information.

Like a book, the art packs draw in the eager gardener with their incredible covers. Inside the folds, information abounds, from the fun to the factual.

First, the factual. Each art pack unfolds to reveal a seed packet full of seeds. On the seed packet, you will find specific planting information.


The number of seeds allows you to plan your garden, the number of days helps you figure out when to plant. The short paragraph gives specific information for each variety--the type of soil they require, the amount of water and sunlight. There is also a description of  how large the plant will grow and what to expect out of a single planting.

As far as fun goes, the information printed on the back of the art packs is the stuff of interesting dinner conversation. Each art pack has the variety name in English and Latin, as well as the artist's bio and a bio of the seed variety.


Plus, next time you are at your favorite retailer or winter farm market, check out our new display crates. These hand-crafted beauties have new, better labels, complete with a photo of the seed variety, as well as complete planting information, to help make your seed-buying decisions easier. (And, of course, website orderers have all that information at their finger tips.)


These new changes help your garden grow... but also much more. They weave together the stories these seeds tell, the artists who interpret them and the gardeners who grow them. Preserve the stories of the seeds. Read them, tell them, plant them, save them, share them.