Civil Eats Needs Us to Help Them Help Us Keep Up with Food Policy

by Tusha Yakovleva

The world is full of crazy complicated food policies and scary, ever-changing seed laws these days. We've relied on Civil Eats to untangle that mess and help us keep up with the latest in agricultural politics for 5 years now. We have also had the honor of using Civil Eats' fertile platform to share the story of our farm and spread seed advice.

Civil Eats is an irreplaceable resource for any eater or grower of food. If you don't believe us, believe Michael Pollan, who called it “the best online food politics magazine.” He also said supporting their Kickstarter campaign is '“one of the most important thing you can do” to support the food movement.' We agree. Please give what you can to help keep Civil Eats alive and well!

Civil Eats co-founders Paula and Naomi, with food journalist Michael Pollan. Photo by Robin Moore. Civil Eats co-founders Paula and Naomi, with food journalist Michael Pollan. Photo by Robin Moore.

A little more about Civil Eats, from co-founders Paula Crossfield and Naomi Starkman:

For nearly five years, Civil Eats has brought you extensive coverage of food policy stories, from the farm field to the halls of Congress. You might not know that our site is a labor of love and has been run entirely without paying anyone–ourselves, our editors or our writers.

That’s about to change, but we need your help: Todaywe’re launching our Kickstarter Campaign which will take place over the next 30 days and we’re asking 4,000 of you to please donate $25 each to help continue our work in 2014.

If we don’t fund Civil Eats by the end of the year, it could be forced to shutter its doors.

Our Kickstarter aims to raise enough funding to shift the site from an all-volunteer effort to a professional enterprise in 2014 so we can produce more in-depth, original reporting and visually engaging content by paying our writers and editors a fair wage.

We also plan to expand our community resources on the site so that you can better plug into the issues that impact you. In addition, funding will help us maintain Civil Eats during that time so that we can continue to produce some of the most groundbreaking and informative news on food today.

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