Grower Profile: Good Flavor Farm

by Erin Enouen

garlic 2014I recently got in touch with Miriam Latzer, who grows the German Extra Hardy planting stock for us. In addition to growing awesome garlic, Miriam's business model is amazing. Here are some tidbits from Miriam about her garlic, bio-stripping and her future plans:

On Garlic Varieties

I love German Extra Hardy Garlic, and I have been saving my current strain for the past four years. This season I grew out a gift of garlic from a friend on the west coast. I'm very pleased with the results. Hopefully, I can offer this sweet mystery to folks here in the future!

On Farming Practices

At Good Flavor I grow a lot of different kinds of vegetables, and I'm always trying something new like ginger or peanuts. This year I've gotten excited about the introduction of bio-strips into my crop fields. Ultimately, I will have a single permanent bed planted to perennials that attract pollinators and/or fix nitrogen sandwiched between every two beds of cash crops. Right now the bio-strips are in buckwheat to help smother any weeds (and feed the bees!) before seeding the perennials.

On Selling 

This is my third summer at the Rosendale Farmers Market, which is held on Sundays from 9am-2pm behind the movie theater on Main St. But, it will be my last season at the market, so get it while you can! The market runs from June through the end of October.

I am in the process of shifting the focus of production at Good Flavor towards farm to school programming. This fall I will be offering a farm share at a public school in NYC again. I am currently working with a team of teachers to develop ways to engage students and their families in healthy eating at home, as well as creating positive changes in their school cafeteria. We're hoping the farm share is just the beginning!

Visit Miriam at the Rosendale Farmer's Market, or check out her website for more about her school program.

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