Hours of Abundance

by Ken Greene

Here's a little window into a harvesting morning on the farm--yesterday, actually. Here's a photo of everything we harvested in about one hour.

Morning Harvest

In this photo, laid at Doug's feet, are Orange Bell Peppers, Chocolate Bell Peppers, Hank's Bean, Bridge to Paris Pepper, King of the North Pepper, Muncher Cucumber, Doe Hill Peppers, Sweet Salad Peppers, Joe's Round Pepper, and Matchbox Pepper. After harvesting and washing we will take the peppers, slice them in half, clean out the seeds, and then slice up the peppers and put them in the solar dehydrator. Next we'll soak the seeds. The viable ones will sink and the dead seeds and other bits will float. After separating out the good seeds, we'll put them on screens to air dry. We'll take Hank's Beans and shell them by threshing them in a garbage can. Then we'll put the beans on screens to dry.

Farm HandsWe try to harvest only what we can process the same day, but sometimes plants are ready and need to come in whether or not we are ready to deal with them. It's mostly more work than we can handle ourselves. This year we tried something new and invited folks to come be farm hands. In exchange for some veggies, a farm-fresh lunch, and a free 2011 Seed Library membership, helpful folks have been coming and lending a hand.  Here's a photo of our last  Farm Hands group de-husking Ground Cherries.

Everyone has been so helpful, cheerful, and generous with their time. No matter how tired we are, it lifts our spirits and gives us more energy when we have help. Thank you to all our farm hands! There are still a few farm hands spots left. Sign up if you want to come.