Say It With Seeds (and chocolate)

by Ken Greene

Here at the Seed Library we think of Valentine's Day as the perfect holiday for giving seeds. Of course, we think any holiday is a good time to give seeds--birthdays, Imbolc, President's Day (Feb 21),  National Chili Day (Feb 24), Employee Appreciation Day (March 4), World Kidney Day (March 10),  really any day. But Valentine's Day, steeped in flowers and chocolate, is a perfect day to give seeds. The timing is right, our Art Packs are beautiful, and the seeds will grow flowers that will last longer than any cut bouquet.

black-valentineSo we've uncovered some packs from our first year. We found about 30 Black Valentine Bean packs, with heartfelt artwork by artist Carrie Scanga. We're packing them with beans, which are good for your heart,  and they will be on the website until they sell out. We're also creating a new gift basket. We call this one Flower Farm. We've chosen a mix of flowers from our catalog. The basket is the same compostable seed starting tray and the fluff is recycled shred and flower petals.

Our new T-shirt is also full of heart. The N.Y.Tee makes a great pairing with some Art Packs or a Gift Membership.

As for chocolate, we LOVE Bluestocking Bonbons. Lagusta is our favorite chocolatier, not just because her rich creations are amazing, but she's as socially and environmentally conscientious about the sources of her ingredients as we are about our seeds. Of course, our favorite flavor is the Vandana Shivas.

Order Valentine's Day seeds by 10 am on Feb 9th to get them shipped in time. If we've still got them, we'll bring the Valentine Beans to that weekend's markets for last-minute seedy gifts.