Seed Farm Intern Notes: Soil

by Tusha Yakovleva

DSC09085_2Last week marked our inaugural "Intern Learning Hour," a moment off the field to talk about what we've done in the field.

We started our conversation at the start - with soil. Reading through two soil tests, Doug narrated the soil history of the Seed Library farm, and how, through various amendments, we are guiding each field towards increased fertility.

Weeds have an unwavering reputation as a grower's archnemesis in much gardening lore. I appreciated Doug's effort to give them back a little respect. Aside from choice edibility and nutrition for humans, they can serve soil in similar ways. By cutting down young weeds with a cultivator and leaving them to dry on the surface instead of uprooting and removing them from the garden, they help build tilth: adding organic matter from the top down as in nature, and creating a habitat for earthworms and the rest of the delicate and important underground habitat.