Seed Season

by Ken Greene

We don't call it winter: to us it's Seed Season. Our 2010 Seed Catalog is now online!


Linda-Brook Packing Seeds

We want to thank everyone who helped make last year, our first year as a seed company, such a success. Your support and enthusiasm gave us the energy and inspiration to stay true to our dream of being a new kind of seedy business. We hope you will once again include us when planning your 2010 garden.

As you browse through our catalog, which is only online, keep in mind that we'd love to hear from you. If you have a photo, story, or comment about a specific variety, let us know by using the contact form on the website. Your photo or words might wind up in the catalog!

New for 2010

This year we have expanded our offerings, printed more packs, and grown and processed more local seed. We have three kinds of seed packs now to help distinguish between our seed sources. Our Art Packs are the colorful, flower shaped packs that have original artwork from 16 different New York artists. Our Garden Packs feature a design made by us and contain seeds from responsible commercial sources pre-selected by us to do well in the Northeast. Our Library Packs, which feature an image from an antique 1881 New York seed catalog, contain only local seeds- either grown here on our farm, another New York farm, or a mix of seeds from other seed saving members. There are also more ways to browse the catalog. You can use the left hand column to see seed packs by category or click on catalog from the top menu to see all the varieties.

Last year we maxed out at 500 Seed Library memberships and this year we plan to have enough seed for close to 1000. We've sweetened the deal for Seed Library members a bit more this year, earmarking certain local varieties just for members and offering members a discount on Art Packs.  Of course, you can still buy seeds from the general catalog without a membership. We've also been adding gardening tips, seedy ideas, and more through this blog, Garden Notes for Seedy Folks which is always on the front page of the website, just scroll down to see the most recent posts. Our first post of 2010, which is below, "Out with the old, in with the new?" is all about what to do with your old seeds.

Thanks again for making 2009 an amazing year for us despite the soggy season. Here's hoping we have a better, hotter, and more evenly moist growing season this year!

In seediness,
Ken and Doug