Share and Share Alike

by Ken Greene

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Vandana Shiva, the godmother of seed sovereignty one said, “Seeds are meant to be shared.” This is the heart of our business, to share seeds with you that can be shared again and again, season after season, generation after generation.

And growing the Seed Library is all about sharing as well- both in terms of seed and economic sustainability.

We’re a small business, so small that we can’t afford many of the ways larger seed companies reach gardeners. Mainly, we can’t afford to print and mail a catalog. We rely on you, the gardeners who love us and want to see us continue to grow, to spread the word.  This winter, we’re introducing our Share and Share Alike Seed Donation Drive. Every time you share, we’ll share by setting aside a pack of seeds to donate to a school garden, community garden, seed library, or individual gardener in need- up to 3000 packs! So far, you’ve helped us set aside 385 packs as part of our initial Facebook seed donation drive. But there are more ways to share this year.

  1. Find your favorite varieties, art packs, or gifts on and share them on Facebook by hitting the like button next to the product.
  2. Share our monthly email by using the forward button at the bottom or the social media share button at the top.
  3. Share your favorite posts from our Facebook page onto your own page with the share button.
  4. Email us and we’ll send you bookmarks to share with your garden club, seed library group, or other gardening related group.

We’ll keep track of all the sharing and in February we’ll start the nomination process to figure out where to send all the seeds you helped donate. This year there will be an actual nomination form and you can nominate groups, clubs, schools, even individuals in need, to receive free seeds from the Seed Library. And all it costs is a simple share. So go ahead, share this email and Holiday Sale with your friends, relatives, neighbors, whoever! And know that with every share you are helping the Seed Library and a gardener in need.

Thanks for helping the Seed Library continue to save and celebrate seeds!