Tasty Trials: Ultimate Salad Bowl

by Ken Greene

usb overlayThis year Erin has taken on trialing 300 varieties. Some are from our catalog and some are interesting varieties we are considering adding. Here are the results of our first taste test. See if you agree!

Erin served up the first harvest from our popular Ultimate Salad Bowl. We're trialing this mix to see if it needs any improvements. We want to make sure it's really ultimate. Erin worked with Blake, our trial garden intern, teaching him how to grow, harvest, wash, and prepare this salad mix. She also made forms for us all to fill out. The Seed Squad usually sits down for lunch together, so this was a good chance for us all to evaluate the mix and talk about what we can do to make it even more awesome.

This is just the first harvest of this batch. Erin says we should get three harvests out of this planting. We're curious to see how it changes over time. If you are growing our Ultimate Salad Bowl, or have grown it in the past, we'd love to hear from you. It's not too late to order a pack and get started. Let us know what you think in the comments section.