Ten Ways to Give Seeds

by Tusha Yakovleva

From stocking stuffers to top-of-the-wish-list dreams, our holiday catalog is filled with hopeful, green gifts for everyone on your list. Here are our top ten favorite ideas for everyone who loves good food, art, farms, and seeds:


For Farmers: Wheel hoes are an indispensable tool on our seed farm. They make quick work of weekly cultivation tasks, weeding, and seeding, while saving time, backs and fossil fuel. This useful tool would make for a very valuable, long-lasting gift for any farmer, large-scale gardener, homesteader, and anyone else who plants in a row! Choose from two versions and a number of attachments. Made in the USA by Hoss Tools and Ships for Free!

seedsFor Gardeners: At this time of year when the ground is frozen and gardening is little more than a far-off fantasy, there is nothing that embodies that hopeful longing for longer, warmer days and new green life than seeds. Our selection of 400+ varieties of heirloom herbs, vegetables, and flowers will bring joy to anyone with a green-thumb. Choose from quality, organic seeds in artist-designed Art Packs for a festive look or stock up on the simple and practical Garden Packs.

planner For Homesteaders: For a self-sufficient lifestyle, organization is key. As the calendar inches toward spring and daydreaming turns to planning, our Garden Planner will help anyone growing their own food keep track of important planting windows for full harvests through the growing season. To stretch out the harvest window, consider getting the homesteaders in your life row cover with wire hoops for extend the growing season in early spring and late fall.

flowerFor Nature Lovers: there isn't anything in our catalog that's not for nature lovers! There, are, however, special items that those with affection for wilder spaces and creatures will especially appreciate. Our Northeast Native Flower Mix is a easy to grow and a great way to invite native flora (and the fauna that loves it) into the garden. The Eastern Pollinator flower mix is picked for a desirable environment for native pollinators; the Bird Lover's mix will grow into a bouquet of blooms beloved by our avian friends, and the Midnight Garden mix will appeal to critters of the night.

gift-membership-image-webFor Seed Savers: give aspiring, novice, and expert seed savers the gift that is inherent in all seed saving: sharing and learning. Gift Membership to the Hudson Valley Seed Library provides the recipient with a year's worth of discounts and seedy education--as well as a free pack of community seeds from our "One Seed, Many Gardens" membership program.

urbanFor Urban Gardeners: Home-grown food can happen anywhere! Even a fire escape or a sunny windowsill is enough space to grow your own delicious salad. Our Container Culture bundle includes everything (but the soil) for novice and experienced urban gardeners alike to make the most of limited growing space.

polar_bear_zinnia_print_frameFor Art Lovers: We believe culture is deeply planted within agriculture. That's why we have commissioned hundreds of talented artists over the last ten years to visually tell the stories of seeds. Aside from the Art Packs, we have limited edition fine art prints of some of the works the artists have created. Only 100 copies of each prints are made - they are numbered and signed by the artist and make for a beautiful and memorable gift. If it's too hard to choose just one - consider our 2015 Calendar - a year's worth of 12 beautiful images from our 2015 Art of the Heirloom collection.

IMG_8090-640x480-225x300For children: Gardening with children is a strong step in helping them become lifelong learners, healthy eaters, and aware and compassionate individuals. All that by planting a radish! Take a look at Erin's recommendations for our favorite varieties to grow with kids, then Make-Your-Own Gift Basket with fun varieties for a gardening adventure with the youngest green-thumbs. Also, we have awesome t-shirts in three designs for gardeners of all ages!

bookFor Book Worms: "If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need," said Cicero, and we couldn't agree more. Winter is a particularly fertile time for studious agrarians and our book offerings are sure to satisfy any bibliophile interested in gardening, farming, breeding, seed-saving, foraging, and more.

seedy gFor Pen Pals: Send a loving greeting that grows! Our new and improved Seedy Greeting Cards include an elegant card with a beautiful Art Pack inside. Select one of our Art Pack and Seedy Greetings Collections and mix and match as you please. A wonderful way to send a hopeful message at any time of year.