Thanks and more thanks!

by Doug Muller

Well, we're a little late on the giving thanks front, but better late than never. We had a crazy week-of-Thanksgiving. For those who are curious, here's a quick re-cap:

  • On Monday, we successfully finished up our new office enough to move in. There are still many loose ends, and most of our business is stacked around us in dozens of boxes, but we made it in and are now quasi-functional in a small building that was once a concession stand for Camp Odum, the Ukrainian summer camp that once occupied this property. While we've still got tons of clean-up and organization to do, we're loving the space so far and are looking forward to many working years within it.

    Bumps in a Basket, 2008 Bumps in a Basket, 2008
  • Part of moving into our new office meant moving out many of the elements of the business that resided within our small home. We did a little re-arranging after the move and have discovered our little space can be pretty big when it's emptied of clutter. It feels like a whole new house!
  • We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving meal with close friends. So nice to take an evening to cherish the meaningful relationships in our lives.
  • On returning from the meal, we discovered Doug's cat Bumps in a strange position, crying and with paralysis in her hind legs. A trip to the emergency vet in Kingston ensued. Bumps had experienced a similar problem about six or eight months ago; it was due to hyperthyroidism and a resulting enlarged heart muscle, which caused blood clots that lodged in her hip area. Despite a full night of treatments, her condition remained unchanged in the morning; her heart rate was around 300 beats per minute. The prognosis was grim. We made the decision to put her to sleep, as she was in tremendous pain and the possibility of finding relief from it was slim. She was Doug's companion for seven years. We're sad to have to say goodbye but grateful that her suffering was brief--and very thankful to her for being such a kind and funny part of the family.
  • We added lots of events to our schedule for the month of December (click here for details). We're grateful for the opportunity to meet lots of folks and tell people about what we're up to. Do swing by if you'll be near any of the markets throughout the month.