The Anticipation Builds...

by Doug Muller

February has dawned, and groundhogs and humans alike anticipate ever more sharply the coming of the spring. It's the last month of slumber from garden activity, and as the daylength begins to increase rapidly and the days of the calendar slip on by, a certain excitement slips into February's to-do lists--and rightly so! Before we know it, the snows will be melting, the jackets will be shed, the peas will perk brightly through the moist crust of early spring soil. Now is the time to pull together your garden plans leisurely, to review any notes or memories from last year's garden and begin to steer this year's course.

We're in the midst of wrapping up our own spring planning push. We've put together orders of seeds we plan on growing out for the first time this year, including lots more New York heirlooms and a greater assortment of green beans, leafy greens, and staple crops such as grains and dry beans. We're actively seeking suggestions for varieties we haven't yet considered. Do you have any varieties you really love? Or, even better, have you been saving any seeds yourself that you'd like us to make available to gardeners throughout the region? Let us know! Click here to contact us and give us your suggestions.

We'd also like to assure everyone that planting instructions and other educational content will be posted on the website in time for the spring growing season. Look for them to appear within the next two weeks. We also still plan on putting up our Quick Order page; look for that within the next week or so. As we make our way through our first season as a full-fledged seed company, we thank you for understanding our occasional wobbles and missteps and mistakes and delays. We're learning more every day--and we have many of your comments to thank for it! So keep those comments coming, and keep your eye on the coming of spring.

Stay seedy! --Doug