The Story of a Seed: Bumble Bee Mix Cherry Tomato

by Erin Enouen

Every seed tells a story! In this blog series, we explore the in depth story from seed to pack to art for our new art pack varieties.

Bumble Bee Cherry Tomato

What Makes Bumble Bee Mix Stand Out: The bright colors and contrasting stripes bring to mind all that we love about heirloom vegetables, however this mix is a modern release by independent traditional plant breeders. Bumble Bee Cherry Tomatoes are the product of years of work by the breeders at Artisan Tomatoes. They use traditional plant breeding techniques to bring color, flavor, diversity and resilience into their lines. This mix is comprised of three varieties: Purple Bumble Bee, Sunrise Bumble Bee, and Pink Bumble Bee. Plant a few plants this year and you'll find yourself buzzing like a bee to each one checking out what they have to offer.

bumble bee mix berry

About Artisan Tomatoes: Most people are familiar with heirloom varieties, but we also love honoring the work of traditional plant breeders who are working on the heirlooms of tomorrow. Over the past decade, Fred Hempel has been using classical breeding practices to create colorful and delicious new varieties that he releases through Artisan Tomatoes. The Bumble Bee Mix is just one line of his work.

About the Artwork: Cherry tomatoes sit atop a plate, similar to the ones used in the old mess hall on the Seed Library's Catskill-camp-turned-farm. We love watercolor artist Ali Kurzeja's take on this variety. The classic and colorful nature of Bumble Bee Tomatoes takes center stage with painted tiles suggesting a hive of bees nesting in Art Pack-shaped honeycombs.

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