The Story of a Seed: Shade Garden Mix

by Erin Enouen

  Every seed tells a story! In this blog series, we explore the in depth story from seed to pack to art for our new art pack varieties.

Shade Garden Mix

What makes this mix stand out: We choose the varieties we offer based on a variety factors, one being customer feedback! One of our top FAQs has always been, "Can this grow in the shade?" While there are a few garden flowers, herbs and vegetables that can tolerate some shade, we wanted to offer something that would beautify the shady edges of your yards. We chose five low growing, blue-hued flower varieties thrive in the shadows, perfect for the corner you might hang a hammock: Five Spot, Baby Blue Eyes, Chinese Houses, Chinese Forget Me Not and Larkspur.

How to grow a Shade Garden: Direct sow in prepared, clean, bed after last spring frost. Packet covers a 3'x10' area; scatter and rake in. Keep area moist but not wet. When seedlings set true leaves, thin to 8-12". Alternately, start indoors and select a broad assortment of plant type for a good mix. Can also be seeded into a large container. Keep watered.

shade garden MIX About the art: Artwork by Martha Robinson. Martha's dreamy encaustic pieces spoke to Ken immediately for this pack. We appreciate the way Martha captured the feeling of a shade garden by using the process of encaustic- embedding hand-drawn elements in layers of pigmented wax. Floating gold symbols invoke the mystery we all experience when resting in the dappled light of a tree on a hot summers day.

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