The Story of a Seed: Thai Basil

by Erin Enouen

Every seed tells a story! In this blog series, we explore the in depth story from seed to pack to art for our new art pack varieties.

Thai Basil

What makes Thai Basil stand out: When Thai Basil lands on your taste buds, it's hard to sum up the flavor in one word. The herb is a mingling of sweet and spicy woven with anise and mint. But there's always something else, deeper in the flavor profile, that lends this basil its magic. It's not surprising then that over centuries basil has been associated with legends and deities. We are so grateful that it is still with us today, like ancient Thai scrolls that come to life, imparting its mythical flavor to our favorite stir fries and curried.


In the garden: Basil loves the summer and will not survive a frost. Be sure to plant it once the spring temperatures have warmed. To have fresh basil all season, start in succession at one-month intervals beginning indoors 4-6 weeks before your last spring frost; or direct sow after threat of frost has passed. To harvest, pinch off tallest growth in order to keep basil from flowering.

In the kitchen: Thai basil might just be the missing flavor in your red curry dish! Use in curries, dried tea blends, fresh salads, or spruce up your usual basil inflected dishes with this delightful variety. We also love it frozen in time in ice cubes in the summer.

About the artwork: Suspended between layers of glass, the elements of this 5" deep layered work reflect the deep flavor and history of Thai Basil. Artist Skowmon Hastanan chose traditional Thai Kinnaree--a type of mythical being--to interact with this myth worthy herb.

This piece really is worth seeing in person! Check our  events page to find when the Art of Seed Exhibit will be in your area!