Tip Top Tomato Tips Tally

by Ken Greene

tomato biggest smallest50 Shades of Red: Are you prudish or promiscuous when it comes to pruning? Do you stake, clip, bind, or tie your tomatoes? Check out this post with links to all of our explicit tomato tips.

When we were sitting down to start writing about pruning tomatoes and trellising tomatoes and identifying tomato diseases and what do do about it, we realized that over the years we've written many tomato-ish posts. So, here's a multi-lobed, deliciously rich list of some of our favorites so far so you don't have to go searching through our blog to find what you need. I'll add more when the time is right.

When you're trying to decide which tomatoes are right for you: 

3 Ways to Choose Tomatoes for Your Garden

When you're trying to find your new favorite varieties for this year: 

Tomato Favorites, New and Old

When you want to grow tomatoes, but don't have much space:

Tomatoes for Container Gardens

When you need to buy some time in May and June before transplanting: 

Potting Up Video

When it's time to put the tomatoes in:  

10 Tomato Transplant Tips

When you're ready to start snipping but don't know how far to go: 

Pruning Tomatoes

When you want to give your plants some support: 

Tomato Trellising Basics

When you notice things that just don't look right: 

Troubleshooting in the Tomato Patch

When you've satisfied your tomato cravings and are ready to save seeds: 

Tomato Smash-Up 

When you want to know how we save tomato seeds at the farm:

Farm Minute Video - Wet Processing Tomato Seeds

When you're ready to choose your tomatoes:

All the amazing 40+ tomato varieties in our 2015 catalog