This winter holiday season, give your favorite gardener something they can use: seeds to grow, tubers to plant, or a handy planting guide for next spring. While we wait patiently for next year's growing season to start, garden-themed gifts inspire our creativity and give us gardeners something to look forward to. Discover lots of great ideas in the "top ten" list below, or browse the Gardener Gifts Collection.

1) Art Packs

Each of our Art Packs is made with love, from the farmers that grow and harvest the seeds to the artists who create the unique designs that grace every pack. Plus, these seed packs are so pretty, they don't need wrapping paper. Tie a bundle together with raffia or use them to dress up gift baskets. Browse the New for 2023 Art Packs here.

Art Packs also make great stocking stuffers! Hang them as ornaments in a tree, use them for table settings and holiday party swag, or slip them into a beautiful note card to send a seedy season's greeting!

2) The 2023 Art of Seed Calendar

The 2023 Art of Seed Calendar draws from our latest collaboration with a diverse crew of independent artists working in different media. Plus, everyone needs a calendar, so why not have one filled with gorgeous contemporary art inspired by the garden?

Each month showcases an original work of art that illustrates a seed story from the artist's point of view. It's user-friendly too, with lots of space for writing your to-dos.

3) The Dahlia Gift Sampler

Dahlias are exceptionally beautiful flowers, in part because they are genetic "octoploids," meaning they have eight sets of chromosomes–four times the amount of most plants! This genetic complexity results in a wide range of diverse flower forms. To showcase this spectacular range, our Gift Samplers include a colorful mix of different types (from pompoms to waterlily-shaped blooms).

Dahlia tubers ship in spring; order a Sampler as a holiday gift and you will receive a beautiful card to give now. View details here.

4) Tools!

Nothing beats a trusty sidekick, and a sturdy, reliable tool is just that. Whether its a multi-purpose gardening knife like the Hori Hori (pictured left) or a neon-handled trowel that won't get lost among the weeds, some tools just feel essential. Explore our Tools and Supplies collection to find colorful Garden Tubs, Japanese Hand Saws, Opinel Pruners, Deadhead Mini-Snips, Watering Cans, and more!

We field test our tools on our farms and in our home gardens. Shop confidently knowing these tools are made from high-quality materials that stand the test of time.

5) Seed Starting Supplies

Ideal for the gardener who takes pride in growing from seed, Self-Watering Seed Starting Trays are eco-friendly and reusable season after season. And because the trays are self-watering, seedlings won't require daily attention.

Another great option for windowsill growing is our Self-Watering Microgreens Kit. Each plastic-free kit comes with a beautiful glazed terra-cotta pot, four types of microgreens seeds, growing medium, and instructions.

6) Amaryllis

Forcing bulbs indoors can be a real mood-booster over the winter months. Shop the new collection of Amaryllis to find the most elegant varieties, including the unusual Cybister Amaryllis 'Evergreen' and classic Dutch varieties like 'Red Lion' (shown left).

Forcing bulbs is easy and rewarding. For Amaryllis, choose a a container not much larger than the size of the bulbs, pot bulbs with well-draining soil, and place near a sunny window. Water sparingly and provide a stake or branch of curly willow to support blooms.

7) Boxed Seed Collections

Boxed Seed Collections include a carefully curated assortment of Art Packs centered around a gardening theme–and enough seeds to fill out a sizable plot or container garden.

Growers will enjoy opening these little "treasure boxes" and delight in the individual packaging of each Art Pack, each with its own unique design and seed story. Each box contains 5 Art Packs with growing instructions.

8) Gifts for Kids

Get the kids outside and into the garden! The garden is a highly immersive learning environment where children can use all five senses and gain a sense of purpose and productivity.

Start kids off with easy-to-grow seeds like sunflowers, beans, or pumpkins. Having real tools of their own helps kids build pride in their work. Our child-sized trugs and watering cans look just as sophisticated as adult tools–and they're equally well-made.

For children's books, check out the beautifully illustrated What's Inside a Flower? by Rachel Ignotofsky–even adults will have something to learn from this excellent resource.

9) Note Card Collections

Treat your favorite snail mail enthusiast to a pretty note card collection inspired by plants and seed pack art! Our latest collection (left) features artwork for the dahlia varieties grown on our farm in Accord, NY. 

Browse our full line of note cards here to find more original designs created for our seed packs.

10) Planting Guides

As wall art, our Planting Guide Posters are not just useful–they're beautiful! And because each guide is organized around frosts, the information remains relevant no matter where you live. Hang them above potting stations, in kitchens, classrooms, lunchrooms, or wherever a little gardening inspiration is needed.

Find all of our planting guides here. For more wall art, browse our Fine Art Collection of archival prints and posters.

For more great gift ideas, visit the Gift Shop!