Cybister Amaryllis 'Evergreen'

Unique blossoms for the contemporary gardener

Amaryllis ‘Evergreen’ is a cybister type amaryllis, also known as “spider amaryllis.” It produces two-to-three stalks with four unique, apple-green-to-chartreuse flower heads on each stalk. This particular amaryllis can be grown as a houseplant, and will bloom periodically throughout the course of the year. Add some contemporary flare to your houseplant collection this winter with these fascinating spider-like blossoms.

Most bulbs will not bloom until after the winter holidays.


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Amaryllis are one of the easiest bulbs to force inside for cheery winter blooms. 

Plant the bulbs in average, well-drained potting soil with 2/3rds of the bulb below the soil and 1/3rd (the "shoulders") above. Amaryllis like a snug container - choose a heavy pot with good drainage that is slightly bigger than the bulb, allowing for about 1" extra on all sides and at the bottom. 

Place the pot in bright sunlight at room temperature, away from drafts. Bottom warmth (such as a radiator) may speed emergence. 

Water very sparingly until the foliage emerges and is at least 2" tall (this may take between 2-8 weeks), then provide even water at the soil level when the soil is dry. Amaryllis are sensitive to overwatering, so be sure to discard any excess water. 

Amaryllis flower stalks can grow quite tall, so support in the form of a stick or cane may be required. 

To try retaining Amaryllis bulbs for future years: Cut off spent flowers after blooming is finished, but leave the stalk and leaves in place to nourish the bulb. Continue watering, and provide small doses of diluted houseplant fertilizer about once a month. To force the bulbs to winter bloom again, move them to a dark, dry spot (like a basement), and cease watering, allowing the foliage to die back. After about 12 weeks, bring the pot back out, remove the dead foliage, refresh the soil, give a small drink of water, and begin the process again.

Days to Maturity 8-12 weeks after planting
Planting Depth 2/3rds of the bulb below the surface of the soil, 1/3rd above
Bulb spacing 6-12"
Bulbs per Square Foot 1
Height at Maturity 18-36"
Sun Preference Full Sun
Hardiness Zone Range indoors, or 9-10

If necessary based on weather conditions along your package route, orders containing Amaryllis will include warming pack(s) to protect your bulbs from potential freezing temperatures in transit and ensure success.

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