Virtual Trials Tour

by Erin Enouen

2014 trials JulyThis year, the Seed Library trials space more than doubled! We've had a great season so far and learned a lot about potential new varieties and even existing ones in  our catalog. Out of the more than 200 distinct varieties we grew in our trials this year, we will be adding around 30 new ones to our 2015 catalog. We grew a full slate of categories, from tomatoes, to sweet and hot peppers, to heirloom melons, to broccoli. (Read more about our trials here.)

So here is a virtual tour. Pay attention, you might see some clues to what we will be offering in the months to come! (Click on each photo to expand and view the caption.)


Everyone loves tomatoes, so we gave a lot of space to them this year! We have about 30 varieties planted in our trials this year. From that, we plan to add 5 to our catalog in 2015. Here are some of the highlights.



Flowers are a beautiful and beneficial asset to any home garden or farm. Here are some of the flowers we haven't been able to get enough of this year.


The Unique, Rare, and Hard to Grow

Part of what we do in trials is experimentation. This year we grew quinoa, which is typically close to impossible to grow succesfull in the Northeast; Cucuzzi gourds, an Italian edible gourd; and Mexican Sour Gherkins. Look for Cucuzzi Gourds and Mexican Sour Gherkins in our catalog next year--the quinoa will have to wait a while until it adapts.


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