What's Up on the Farm

by Ken Greene

Here are some snapshots of what we're up to on the Seed Library farm. You can follow our What's Up posts to grow along with us. We hope these will help keep you on track in your home garden. Of course, feel free to pick and choose what makes the most sense for you. Although you might like to transplant along with us, you probably don't want to also be digging a 4' x 3' hole in rocky soil to replace a faulty valve on a spring-fed drip irrigation system if you can avoid it.

IMG_4303 (640x480)

The major push here right now is preparing beds and transplanting seedlings along with protecting young plants from insect damage. Check out the pics below to see us in action and read the caption for each shot. Keep an eye out for posts with detailed how-to of what we're up to later in the week.