Slower growing than annuals, these flower varieties mature in their second season of growth. During their first season, they generally form low-growing stems and leaves before settling down for a period of winter dormancy. The next spring or summer, they reward your patience by blooming before the plant dies. However, they're often prolific self-sowers, so you can plan for them to return to your garden for many more than just two seasons!

Biennial Flowers

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All eyes will be on these pretty blue flowers.


Foxglove Mix

Cottage garden beauty in multiple shades.

from $3.99

Sweet William Dianthus

Scented pinks for borders and cutting gardens.

from $3.99

Tina James' Evening Primrose

Certified Organic

Petals unfurl before your eyes and attract hummingbird moths.


Velvet n Lace Dianthus

Certified Organic

Velvety clove-scented blooms. 

from $4.39