Everlasting Flower Mix

Various species

Add cheer to winter with this mix of vibrantly-colored dried flowers.

While there is no hiding from the universal truth of impermanence, there are places to find respite. Everlasting flowers are one such foothold: they are something beautiful that lasts. The blooms delight us in the garden from mid-summer on, and when harvested and dried they keep their bright, cheerful tones throughout the colder months. Alas, after a year or two of exposure to ambient light, the blooms begin a slow process of fading: everlasting in name only, they, too, must eventually cede to impermanence.

Contains Strawflower, Winged Everlasting, Crested Mix Celosia, Love In A Mist, Love Lies Bleeding, Bupleurum, and Starflower.


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Shallowly sow seeds indoors in individual pots, 1-2 per cell. As the sprouts put on their first true leaves, you will be able to distinguish them from each other. Transplant outdoors after threat of frost is past, making sure to plant a good mix of seedlings for balanced bouquets. Cut the finest flowers of each variety as they bloom and hang upside down inside in a well-ventilated, cool spot, away from direct light. Assemble your forever (or nearly!) dried bouquets at seasons' end for lasting winter cheer.

Days to Maturity 90 days
Planting Depth ¼"
Spacing in Row 10"
Spacing Between Rows 18"
Height at Maturity varies
Width at Maturity varies
Sun Preference Full Sun

Artwork by Annie Rochelle. Annie's watercolor-and-ink rendering of this mix captures the flowers at peak freshness, just before they would be harvested for drying, while its pale palette suggests the muted tones of the dried blooms.

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