Corn, Squash and Bean Seed Necklace

Sterling Silver necklace with 3 sister seeds

For centuries, Native Americans have been companion planting the three sisters - squash, corn and pole beans. This necklace features True Red Cranberry Pole Bean, Cushaw Squash and our very own Otto File Flint Corn. The necklace is made of a Sterling Silver cable chain and measures 18". The pendant is roughly 1.75" long. Each seed is unique so it's possible that your seeds may look a little different from the picture.

About the Artist:

Debbie Groat started designing seed jewelry when she fell in love with the natural varied beauty of heirloom beans. She says, "Heirloom dry beans and corn are beautiful natural treasures genetically untouched seed passed down from generation to generation. My jewelry is made from these ancient strains once propagated for their life-sustaining nutritional properties. Now rare, we help keep these strains alive through cultivation and by incorporating these beautiful gems of the soil into unique handmade artisan jewelry."

Caring for your Heirloom Seed Jewelry:

Your seed jewelry is durable and will last for years, just keep these simple tips in mind. Keep seeds dry (avoid showers/bathing while wearing jewelry) and store in a tightly sealed container when not wearing.


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