Organic Microgreens: Arugula

Certified Organic

Eruca sativa

Potent, spicy microgreens grow quickly and deliver distinct roquette flavor.

Arugula microgreens tend to grow a bit smaller than other types, but their rich, rocket-y flavor delivers a big impact. One ounce of seed will grow 10-20 batches in our windowsill microgreens trays.
This variety is suitable for growing as a microgreen. 🌱



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Microgreens are easy to grow. Prepare a shallow tray with moist coir or potting soil, then sprinkle seeds on the surface thickly. Cover lightly with more coir or potting soil. Keep moist and let grow for 10-20 days in a sunny location. Harvest with scissors once the sprouts are open and full looking. Then clean out the tray, replace the soil, and start another batch!

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