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Upcoming Events: 2020

The Philadelphia Flower Show  •  Philadelphia, PA
Feb 29 - Mar 8, 2020. 
Escape the end of winter and enter "Riviera Holiday", inspired by the world's exotic Mediterranean gardens! We will be showcasing our biggest collection of the year, including 30+ new seed varieties, 13 new Art Packs, wildflower seed shakers, new gifts, tools, art and much more! More info here.
The Boston Flower Show  •  Boston, MA
Mar 11-15, 2020. 
See you at the "Garden Party"! We'll be celebrating outdoor living and beautiful plantscapes that inspire us to spend time with the ones we love. Explore our brand new wildflower shakers - fun for the whole family - as well as our full collection of seeds, art, tools, gifts and more. More info here.