Gifts for Gardeners by the Hudson Valley Seed Library

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Art Packs

Our trademark gift: artist-designed seed packs, each by a different artist. A few crowd-pleasers are below; click along to see our full selection of over 120 packs!

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Seedy Greetings

Instantly elevate your seed pack to a full-fledged ready-to-go gift—for just $2 more! These silhouette cards make for a striking presentation. Pick an Art Pack, pick a card, and voila—a wonderful and complete gesture gift for teachers, neighbors, and your greeting card list.

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Gift Baskets

Nicely wrapped bundles of pure garden joy! In a hurry? Select a pre-made basket. Or, customize your gift yourself with our Make-Your-Own Gift Basket option.

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Help your gardening friends and loved ones wear their greenthumbs on their sleeves. They'll love to share the mantra of mud with these t-shirts, witty and true. We use 100% organic fabrics for all our apparel.

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Gift Membership

Members receive a 10% discount for the whole calendar year and take part in an educational seed-saving program that allows them to contribute to seed diversity and school gardens.

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Fine Art Prints

We make archival-quality, limited-edition, signed-by-the-artist prints of many of the artworks on our packs. Size is specified per item; they range from small to medium in size, perfect for easily fitting into any home decor.

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Garden Tools

Nothing delights a gardener more than a well-crafted, easy-to-use tool. We stock only items that we ourselves love to use.

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Lilliputian Landscape Greeting Cards

Adorable cards that bring a smile to the face of anyone who loves gardening, plants, flowers, or foods. Created by Judith Robinson-Cox, an inventive artist based in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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Body Care Products

Healing and Beauty for Gardeners and Garden Lovers

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